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Enhanced Business Services

Take advantage of the suite of services we offer to help make your business run more profitably, more efficiently and more compliantly. Our access to specialist and expert services in many fields can take your business in the right direction.

Business Coaching Business Disposals & Acquisitions
Business Finance Cost Management Service
Dept Recovery Services Franchising
HR / Health and Safety Independent Financial Advice
Insolvency Services Legal Services
Private Medical Insurance Tax Planning Strategies
Will Writing Services

Business Coaching
Aimed at business owners that are busy running their core business activities, our provider will prepare a training programme that is related to your business and industry, aiming to improve profitability, help motivate the team and to stretch you out of your comfort zone, acting as a safety net when you try new things.

Business Disposals & Acquisitions
Our provider can help you to maximise the selling value of your business and will also help with marketing, sales memorandums, negotiations, sale documentations and will pro-actively market the business directly to potential buyers and not the traditional way via commercial estate agent.

Business Finance
Difficulties with loans or overdrafts? We have access to brokers who have strong connections to many high street banks and finance organisations. The broker will structure a finance deal tailor made for you and you will not have to deal with all the different banks, thus saving time.

Cost Management Service
It is easier, cheaper and quicker to increase bottom line profit by cutting costs and the principles of cost Management apply across the board, from the sole trader right up to PLC. Our access to experienced professionals with their contacts and know how will prove invaluable to you.

Debt Recovery Services
If you are struggling with cash flow in these testing times, then recovering debts is vital to the success of your business. We can provide you with a specialist 'No Recovery, No Fee' service.

With franchising you can experience faster growth in your business from other people investing their cash. If you run a profitable replicable business then our experts can provide you with tailor made Franchise Development Programmes and walk you thorugh all the pitfalls and hurdles faced.

HR / Health and Safety
We can help you keep up to date on legistation, and to negotiate the potentially dangerous minefields in these areas. Don't wait until it's too late. Prevention is better than cure!

Independent Financial Advice
Our providers will work closely with you so that you always know what's happening with your assets and investments, and can ensure at all times exactly what funds are held in which investment/pension, avoiding being left behind with older funds which are under performing.

Insolvency Services
With the current economic climate still in a bleak state, it is quite probable that financial hardship or even insolvency could be rearing its ugly head. We deal with some of the best insolvency practitioners on the UK who can help you through this testing time.

Legal Services
Being one of the countries leading law firms and placing highest in The Sunday Times "100 Best Companies" survey, our providers have over 300 lawyers who can deal with almost any type of legal complication or dilemma that arises.

Private Medical Insurance
When medical emergencies occur, ensure yourself or key members of staff can return to work as soon as possible as any additional delays could cause your business significant losses. Our providers are wholly independent of any insurer and undertake research from the whole market to find you the best deal.

Tax Planning Strategies
Our providers provide sophisticated solutions by utilising any suitable combination of case law, onshore and offshore and structures, tax treaties and genuine commercial transactions to significantly reduce tax liability

Will Writing Services
Only 50% of DIY wills work as expected! Ensure that you have a Professionally written will in place as part of your tax planning strategy: Anything can happen, so prepare for the worst and keep your family / loved ones protected!

Tax information for Employers HMRC rates and thresholds
Tax information for Employees HMRC rates and allowances